Marking the Moments is a private collection of bookmarks.

It shows an astonishing plurality of design and material that reflect cultural eras from the world. Our efforts are dedicated to look at these bookmarks not only as a still image, freezing a particular moment of our life but also as mean to discover arts and culture around the world.

My name is Jinane, I live in Byblos (Lebanon), a Mediterranean city with an ancient heart.

I always loved reading books, collecting bookmarks, travelling and being creative.

I bought my first bookmark in a library in Beirut in 1984, since then bookmarks have always accompanied me. Through the years, friends, family and colleagues brought me bookmarks from all over the world, marking beautiful moments and long friendship.

I have around 750 bookmarks from more than 55 countries. In 2014, I had the idea to classify some of these bookmarks, to display them in beautiful frames. I ended by organizing the first exhibition in Lebanon entitled “A journey of bookmarks: 30 years“.

Most of my bookmarks have a story to tell. Stories of people, of places, of artists, of moments that marked the countries.


Why do I want to mark the Moments with bookmarks?

Marking the moment is a dramatic technique used to highlight a key moment in a scene or improvisation in order to draw the audience’s attention to its significance. With my bookmarks, I want to freeze particular moments in my life, in my feelings and in my souvenirs.

I believe that life is about creating as many memorable moments as we can!






What do we do?

This is a website for those eager to explore and share information about bookmarks from the world. It introduces the artistic and touristic bookmark’s collection of Jinane Ghanem Doueihy.


Our Mission

We are here to highlight that bookmarks, with plurality of design and material, are the mirror of cultural eras. We dedicate our efforts to exchange and share information about the collection.


History Of Us

We have a living collection since 1984. It started in Beirut and is continuously enriched by brave people selecting beautiful bookmarks from museums, souvenir shops and libraries.